Mikey but daughter of the Mafia

Mikey but daughter of the Mafia

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Mar 27, 2022
On the way home, I met Bridget accidentally. "Hey, Mikey! You won’t know how much I miss you!" On seeing me, Bridget immediately wore her fox mask, just like a green tea bxtch. "Oh really?" I asked, "Then why didn't you invite me to your party?" "Well..", she smiled with insincerity "I should have invited you at the first time but I might just forget it for some reason." "FORGOT IT?" I couldn't hide my anger, roaring to her "You didn't invite me intentionally, which made me like a clown!" She was surprised to see I turned angry, but suddenly she changed her face and said, "Clown? That described you well, I can't even find a more suitable word for you. You are such a nerd, Mikey! Schoolwork is useless."
Her words annoyed me. I couldn't control my anger, clenching my fist and roaring "Shut the Fxck up, Bridget!" Her face was so disgusting that it made me want to throw up. "Nice performance, bxtch! What can you do, cry?" The heated blood gathered in my body. SLAP! I gave her a tight slap with my hand. She palmed her face with terrifying emotion. "How dare you?" When she tried to fight back, I did nothing but smiled a bit and took out my 4th generation GLOCK 17 handgun expertly, directly pointing to her head. "Go ahead, bxtch." with a smile, I said. She was frozen like a statue. "It can't be a real gun," she said, forcing herself to calm down. Zaaaaaaaaaap! I pointed to the sky and pull the trigger without any emotion. The air suddenly filled up with the smell of gunpowder (Yes, physically). Her facial emotion was truly a feast for me. Tears fell from her face, what pleased me more was that her underwear got wet because of great fear. She sobbed "I felt truly sorry, Mikey! Please forgive me and I promise I will always be your loyal dog! Please, please!" "That's not enough," I responded cooly. "Clown... Yes, I'm also your clown! You can commend me to do everything whatever and whenever you want!" "Sounds better, deal." She took a deep sigh of relief. "It's a secret between us, do you know about it? I am the daughter of the Godfather of the Mafia. If you speak this out, your whole family will be totally wiped out from the earth. "Yes, I will obey your instructions forever, your highness!"